Hayley Carrillo

Greetings & Salutations!

I'm Hayley (but some call me Lee) & I'm a SoCal native who loves to explore the many different aspects of culture and entertainment that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis!

The Impact of Music —

Music can impact the lives of others in a plethora of ways. Songs have the ability to enhance a person’s mood, intensifying their positive and negative feelings. Music can even bring forth different memories that a person did not realize they had. For Griffin Martois, a second-year student at Chaffey College, music has impacted his life significantly enough for him to want to pursue a career in the industry as a festival promoter. The responsibilities of a festival promoter consist of finding l

The Decline of Movie Theaters —

A variety of streaming services have made it incredibly convenient to watch movies from the comfort of your own home, but has anyone stopped to think whether or not those streaming services are hurting the attendance at movie theaters? Or are movie theaters hurting themselves with the frequent increase in box office prices? Within the last two years of working at AMC Ontario Mills, I have noticed a gradual increase in box office prices and a significant decrease in attendance. After recently sp

College Athletes Finally Recognized —

College sports is a well-funded industry, but some people feel as though the players are not getting the recognition they truly deserve. State senators Nancy Skinner (D-CA) and Steven Bradford (D-CA) are currently working towards a bill to ensure college athletes are getting paid. This is something the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) currently prohibits. The issue recently gained attention when Katelyn Ohashi, a gymnast for UCLA, was threatened with removal from the NCAA if she d

Is Pennywise Homophobic?

The LGBTQ+ Community is in an uproar due to the opening scene of IT: Chapter Two. Many horror writers and directors have the victims of their work killed in outrageous ways. For example in “The Nightmare On Elm Street,” Johnny Depp’s character is pulled into his bed by Freddy Krueger and blood is shot out from that same spot. In “Saw,” Jigsaw’s victims get reversed bear traps attached to their heads that snap shut if a puzzle is not solved quickly enough. When should the line be drawn? When “I